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Explore resources to learn more about how the club meetings are run, Pathways education programme, different roles members can take on, and our mentoring initiative.


The club experience

What goes on at a Toastmasters meeting? What will you learn? Do you have to give a speech? What does each role mean?

Watch a video of one of the Toastmasters International club meetings to learn more about how it functions and how the experience can benefit you.

Also, read a blog post on one of our meetings.


Pathways education programme

Pathways is a revolutionary online and offline education programme developed by Toastmasters International.  Members choose one of eleven paths which include projects and speeches. These build competency in multiple areas, including leadership, project management, interviewing, collaboration and, of course, presentation and public speaking skills.

It is easy to transfer these skills into social and public settings - as a best man or woman at a wedding, in community projects and even in summarising your thoughts at your book club!

Club meeting roles

At each club meeting, several roles can be performed by the club and sister club members, including:

Toastmaster is responsible for coordinating and conducting the meeting.

Timekeeper is a member responsible for keeping track of the time.

Topics Master prepares and issues the topics for impromptu speeches.

Topics Evaluator is responsible for the evaluation of the Table Topics segment of the meeting.

Speakers are members who give prepared speeches based on project objectives in the Pathways educational programme.

Speech Evaluators have responsibility of evaluating individual prepared speakers.

Grammarian introduces a word of the day and notes language and grammar usage of all speakers.

Harkmaster takes notes during the meeting and devises questions for a quiz to test the audiences listening skills at the end of the meeting.

Blogger takes photographs and makes notes during the meeting and writes a blog post that goes on our website.

General Evaluator is responsible for the evaluation of anything and everything that takes place throughout the entire meeting.

Club contests

Other than running regular club meetings, the Toastmasters clubs take part in two main contests each year, in March and September

These contests enable speakers to improve their speaking in a competitive environment, and winners who carry on may even get a chance to speak at competitions at national and international level!

Read a blog post on one of our contest or check our upcoming meetings for any contests.


Would like a mentor?

Whether you are a new member and want some help and guidance as you are starting your journey with London Communicators, or more experienced member who would like some support, we can match you with a Mentor.

A Mentor is an experienced member of London Communicators who can offer you the level of support you need – whether it’s to help you plan your first speeches, explain how to do different roles in a meeting or improved your advanced communication skills.

Become a mentor

If you are an experienced member with London Communicators, why not consider being a mentor? You can help share your skills and knowledge to help new members or even long-standing members who would benefit learning from you.

If you are interested in having a mentor or being a mentor, please speak to our Mentoring Coordinator, Alice, at a meeting, or email