London Communicators

Communication. Leadership. Confidence.

We are the friendliest public speaking club in London.

Improve your communication skills, acquire leadership experience and become a confident public speaker in a supportive and encouraging Toastmasters International club in Islington.



London Communicators has had a massive impact on my life. After only two months at the club, my colleagues commended me on my increased confidence in work meetings and presentations. I use this club as a safe space to practice speaking without any negative repercussions.

As a bonus, experienced club members provide actionable feedback to all speakers, so I feel like I am learning something after every meeting.

Nicole Misek / Club member

A few facts about us

London Communicators is a non-profit Toastmasters International club run by members for our members.


years OLD

Started in 1998, we are one of the most established public speaking clubs in London. We offer a safe, supportive environment to practice public speaking and develop other useful skills.


meetings annually

Club meetings are where it all happens. Each meeting offers opportunities to participate in prepared or impromptu speeches as well as take on a role in running the meeting.


practical skills

All members follow Pathways education programme, designed to give you real-world workplace skills, such as communication, leadership and collaboration.


If you are considering joining or are a member at another Toastmasters club, come along to our next meeting - it’s free.

Not only will you get a better idea of what happens on the day, but you can also participate in impromptu speaking and join us for a drink afterwards.

Each meeting lasts two hours and has three parts:

  1. Table topics – where participants give an impromptu 1-2 minute response to a topic chosen by a designated member.

  2. Prepared speeches – club members give speeches from one of eleven Paths, including on motivation, leadership, collaboration, presentation, mentoring, persuasion, and humour.

  3. Feedback - a vital part of the Toastmasters journey is learning and improving by listening to the evaluations that club members give for speeches and every aspect of the meeting.

We promise that even after one meeting, you will leave with some great tips to use in your next speech or presentation.


When & where we meet

WHEN:   at 18:50 every 2nd  and 4th
                Monday of the month

WHERE:  Unity Hall, 
                 277A  Upper Street
                 Islington, London, N1 2TZ


To get full benefits, join us as a member


As a Toastmaster, you will:

  • Improve your public speaking skills

  • Improve your leadership skills

  • Become part of a worldwide community

As a member of our club, enjoy:

  • A supportive environment

  • A diverse group of people

  • An opportunity to have fun and make new friends


I have to present and pitch for work. London Communicators club helped me build up my confidence - it is a safe place to practice your public speaking. It's also a great place to make new friends.

Matthew Ford / Club member