London Communicators


We are one of the longest established Toastmasters International clubs in London. We also pride ourselves on being one of the friendliest clubs.

London Communicators was founded 20 years ago by Sue Warner and has since helped hundreds of people learn how to speak in public, conquer their fears, and develop their leadership skills. There is always a lot of laughter and applause at a club meeting. Whether you are an accomplished speaker or want to give your first ever speech, it is a hugely supportive place to grow in confidence! Come along as a guest and find out for yourself.

London Communicators is part of a worldwide network of 16,600 clubs that are part of Toastmasters International. Set up over 94 years ago as a non-profit organisation, Toastmasters International provides its members with a proven education programme, called Pathways.

With Pathways, members can choose from eleven paths. The programme helps members improve practical workplace skills such as leadership, project management, interviewing, collaboration and, of course, public speaking. Learn more about Pathways education programme.


A few facts about us

London Communicators is a non-profit Toastmasters International club run by members for our members.


years OLD

Started in 1998, we are one of the most established public speaking clubs in London. We offer a safe, supportive environment to practice public speaking and develop other useful skills.


meetings annually

Club meetings are where it all happens. Each meeting offers opportunities to participate in prepared or impromptu speeches as well as take on a role in running the meeting.


practical skills

All members follow Pathways education programme, designed to give you real-world workplace skills, such as communication, leadership and collaboration.


Our members & committee

The London Communicators club is run by its members for its members.

All club members contribute to the running of the club whether by pitching in with organising specific events or taking on roles at the meetings.

Some members are elected as club officers and form a committee. They work as a team to manage all affairs of the club on a volunteer basis. The committee is elected for a year.


Daniel Naujoks


Daniel provides leadership and guidance for the committee and takes the ultimate responsibility for the progress and welfare of the club.


Lea Sefer

Vice President Education

Lea is responsible for organising club meetings and supports members in their development as communicators and leaders.


Joe Frigolette

Vice President Membership & PR

Joe informs our guests how they can join the club and helps them to get signed up. He is also responsible for promoting the club.


Nicole Misek

Sergeant at Arms / Pathways Officer

Nicole manages club facilities and welcomes our guests. She also provides members with guidance on Pathways Educational programme



Secretary / Mentoring Coordinator

Alice keeps records and documents club committee decisions. She also ensures that our members have someone more experienced to mentor them.


Laura Paplauskaite

Treasurer / Digital Officer

Laura makes sure that the club remains financially sustainable and manages the day to day finances. She is also responsible for digitalising the club.


Dinah Tobias

Immediate Past President

During her presidency, Dinah helped us achieve the Distinguished club status. She now supports the current club officers to ensure continuity of past activities.



Club Member

Piers is a senior executive, who values communication skills. He is an accomplished speaker, but feels that the club provides an opportunity to practice different modes of communication.


Tessa Crichton-Miller

Club Member

Tessa joined the club to become a more confident speaker & has flourished. Since joining, she has also held the position of Vice President Membership, which improved her leadership skills.


Matt Ford

Club Member

Matt is a co-founder of a digital product agency and joined the club to get more practice of presenting. Matt also enjoys the social aspect that the club offers and is yet to miss a club party.


Angela Meringolo

Club Member

Angela joined the club to improve her presentation skills. She enjoys the enthusiastic and supportive atmosphere at the club and values feedback that helps members to continuously get better. She also used to be a club officer.


Matt Blow

Club Member

Matt was already an engaging communicator, but he wanted to gain more confidence speaking in front of large audiences - the club helped him achieve that. Matt has also served the club as a PR officer.