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Becoming a member enables you to practice your public speaking and gain confidence in a safe and supportive environment.



Just a few reasons to become a member


Improve your public speaking skills

Whether you want to give the best man’s or woman’s speech, present at work, summarise your thoughts at a book club or become a professional public speaker, we will help you reach your goals.

Supportive environment

We appreciate that it is hard to put yourself out there - you can always count on warm smiles and constructive feedback that is encouraging and motivating. It is a safe environment to practice your public speaking.

Get official recognition

You will get recognition for your accomplishments along the way. Pathways education programme has five levels, and you get a certificate of achievement after completing each one.

Improve your leadership skills

You are encouraged not only to give speeches and give feedback but to take part in running the meetings and even the club, improving various practical workplace skills, such as leadership, project management, interviewing and collaboration.

Become part of a worldwide community

Toastmasters International is an international community - no matter if in London or New York, with 16,600 clubs in 143 countries, there are always opportunities to attend other clubs, meet new people and feel that you are part of something big.

An opportunity to have fun and make new friends

Whether that’s post-meeting drinks or a summer party - we enjoy socialising together and getting to know each other better.


Everything comes down to communication. Good communicators excel at work and in personal life because everyone likes to listen to someone who sounds confident, can explain things well or simply communicates in a concise, pithy way.

London Communicators is a safe place and provides for an infinite range of practice, whether you want to be funny, dramatic, solemn or professional - or better yet be comfortable in all these modes of communication. The people are great too, and you can get as involved as you like or keep the club at arms-length - ultimate versatility. It's also insanely good value for money.

Piers Ronan / Club member


How membership works

London Communicators club is part of Toastmasters International. By joining us, you automatically join Toastmasters International.

As a member, you are encouraged to attend club meetings that take place twice a month. You will also be working towards completing the Toastmasters’ Pathways education programme, which is designed to provide structure to your public speaking journey.

there are many ways members get involved:

  • Enter Toastmasters speaking competitions.

  • Attend and speak at other clubs.

  • If selected, get involved in the running of the club.

  • Give prepared speeches.

  • Participate in impromptu speeches.

  • Take on roles in running the meetings.


I love coming to London Communicators meetings! It’s a great way to practice public speaking in a safe space by taking on different roles during club meetings, delivering speeches and receiving valuable feedback. I really love how encouraging and supportive everyone is - this gives me more confidence and motivation to continue improving. The best of all is being part of a community and meeting great people that make up the club!

Lea Sefer / Club member

Membership fees

At £148 per year,

it is equivalent to

only £6.16 per meeting!

We are a not for profit members club. We are run by our members, as volunteers, for our members, which means that the fees are used exclusively to cover the cost of running the club.

The membership costs £148 per year plus a one-off joining fee of £25.

Our membership is annual and runs from the 1st of April to the 31st of March. If you join us during the year, you will pay prorated fees.

We collect payments via Direct Debit. Below are the initial fees payable depending on the month that you want your membership to start:

Apr/May: £173 (£148 + £25)

Jun/Jul: £148 (£123 + £25)

Aug/Sep: £124 (£99 + £25)

Oct/Nov: £99 (£74 + £25)

Dec/Jan: £74 (£49 + £25)

Feb/Mar: £50 (£25 + £25)*

After the first year, we will collect the annual fees in two instalments of £74 in March and September.

* If you would like your membership to start in February or March, you will get charged £50 immediately and then £74 soon after.

Our membership is extremely cost-effective, and several members attribute their promotions and salary increases directly to their investment in the Toastmasters journey!

Become a member now

It takes less than 15 minutes



Fill in the membership application form.


Upon submitting the form, you will be presented with the payment instructions. Complete the direct debit set up form. At £148 per year plus a one-off joining fee of £25, it’s great value for money.

You are all set!

We will send you a membership confirmation email with all the useful information.

We look forward to seeing you at the meetings!