We have just launched our new website!


Welcome to our new and improved London Communicators website!

With a fresh look and content, our new site is designed with our members and visitors in mind.

The history

London Communicators Toastmasters club was established 20 years ago, and our first website went live 5 years later. Since then, the club had at least three versions of the site, and while the latest one has served us well for the past few years, it needed a refresh.

New developments

This new version of the website is not only more current in terms of the design but has all the functionality and information the previous site had and more.

We added member profiles in the About page. The longer-term vision is to have most of our members featured, including an interview with each member so that new and potential members can get to know everyone better.

We have updated the Resources to include more information about the Pathways education programme, different club roles and mentoring.

The biggest change is in introducing an online membership registration form, which includes links to the direct debit set up. No more filling in paper forms or manually transferring the money. It can all be done online, providing new members with seamless joining experience while reducing the administrative burden for the volunteer club officers.

Finally, this new blog area will provide a great opportunity to share what happens in the meetings, contests or social events. We will also use the blog to feature club members or to share any other useful announcements or learning materials.

Going forward

We will continue to develop and improve the website and the blog. In the meantime, we invite you to look around the new website and let us know your thoughts.

Written by Laura Paplauskaite, Club Treasurer and Digital Officer.